My husband and I have been married for 5yrs…March 28, 2009 total relationship over 11yrs. Five beautiful kids. My story goes back to 4th of July weekend. We visited family and friends back in Louisiana and were suppose to go out and have some fun. My husband Jerald Labbe had other plans. He dropped me off at a relativeS house left me there and didn’t come back until 630am. He claims he was with friends at a strip club and could not leave because he was blocked in. I was extremely upset.

On July 13th while I was at church with the kids, my husband packed all of his belongings quit his job and got on the mega bus to Dallas Texas. Didn’t say a single word. I had no clue what was going on. After trying to locate him all day and night Sunday I finally decided to check his account..that’s when I saw the bus ticket purchased to Dallas. I called his mom and asked why was he there, what was going on and of course she’s miserable in her life, her husband physically abused her,cheated on her and beat her in the street because she caught him at the other woman house…she’s never liked me and claimed she had no clue what was going on. Then it hit me, his ex.his high school ex lives in Dallas Ms never been married, Bettina Weston. I don’t know how I remembered her number but it came to me. I texted her (REMOVED) and she didn’t respond..I texted her again because I knew Jerald was there and I told her I knew he was there but of course she didn’t answer. Now you’re probably wondering why was I texting and calling her, well my husband when he packed his bags and left he left his cellphone on the bed. Monday morning comes and I’m going crazy, I take her number and skip trace her gets her address. Then I called our cellphone provider pulled up the cellphone records and low and behold 100s and 100s of calls and text between them..he called and text her up until he left. I was devastated. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I couldn’t believe what was going on. I jump in the car and drive straight to Dallas Texas ..straight to homewreckers house on (removed). I get out and knock on the door, I’m knocking and knocking and of course no one is answering, but I hear them in there and I smell food cooking, my husband was at his mistress house cooking. Backing up a little bit, on the drive to Dallas I’ve located Bettina’s mom, dad brother everybody number and while driving there I call her mom who has no clue what’s going on. (removed) works for the school board in Calcasieu Parish..I’ tell her everything I know thus far..the mom claims she’s spoken with Bettina and her daughter swears that my husband isn’t at her house. I’m knocking and knocking banging on the door and they’re not starts to rain and I’m outside in the rain banging on the door. The police show up. Yes they called the police on me. My husband is at his mistress house and they called the police on me, but the police were really understanding and nice. I told the police I was there to see my husband who was having an affair and inside with Ms Weston. The police talks with them comes back to me and confirms to me and Bettina’s mom that my husband was indeed in her house but refuse to come out. I tried to leave his cellphone so I could call him but my cheating ass BUSTED in the act husband refuse to not only come out and speak with me but was also refusing to take his cellphone so that I could call him. I was told by the Dallas P.D. that there was nothing they could do and I have to leave and if I came back they would have to arrest me for trespassing.

I was devastated hurt upset and didn’t know what to do. I called and called homewreckers phone but they never answered. I sat in Walmart parking lot for hours just crying. Eventually I called an old girlfriend that lived there and she came to me, and helped me get a hotel room where I stayed up all night crying and calling homewreckers phone but of course they never answered. Tuesday morning I decided that I needed to go home to the kids.. I drove from Dallas back to Houston in complete silence. For about two weeks I didn’t hear from my husband and of course they never answered Bettina’s phone..I resorted to Facebook..I left hundreds of messages to my husband Facebook..and than one day he responded. He said he was unhappy, been unhappy for years, said nothing about our marriage was great the marriage been over..he said he had feelings for her and wanted to be with her. I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t understand why he was saying such awful things about our marriage which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Messaging him on Facebook went back and forth for about a week.he finally says that he’s not with her anymore, says he was only at her home for one night and slept in the GUEST ROOM and after the cops left the day I drove out there he went to his Aunt house where he has been staying clearing his head.. And that we need time apart to find ourselves and reconnect in our marriage, that he still loved me and the kids, thinks about us all the time, claims he was sick with pneumonia ..and that he felt like he was dying. Assured me that he wasn’t with her and that he had no contact with her..he was away clearing his head focusing on US.. whatever the hell I wanted to hear, he was saying it.

Then one night he finally calls me at 230 in the morning saying he was just calling to say goodnight. And hung up. Bullshit.. Immediately I jump into private eye mode gets the number he calls from skip trace it and omg low and behold he had been calling Bettina talking with her still for hours..but called me BLOCKED. I called his ass and let him have it! That’s when he says again our marriage is over, he’s not coming home but still claimed he was not involved with Bettina. So one day I say to HELL WITH HIM , I get up get dress and go out. I send him a picture saying is this what you want, you want me to act like you and say F IT! One hour later while I’m out with friends he text my phone and say “you better not do anything, cause I’m not and if you do, IM NEVER COMING HOME! Have fun but not too much fun” what the hell ever. Monday comes around and he calls me..says he misses me, fakes like he’s crying,, says God told him that he was wrong and none of this was my fault. I was shocked and fell for everything.. He said he wanted to come home and that he wanted to change everything about him, nothing was wrong with our marriage blah,blah,blah. But I fell for it all. I believed him. He said he would be home the it was Monday and he was telling me he would be home Saturday..why I talked with him Monday Tuesday Wednesday and I noticed every time is would chat with him his location would show HER HOUSE (removed). I confronted him about it and of course he said he wasn’t there. So I began calling and texting Bettina the home wreckers phone again. I started forwarding everything that he would tell me to her, I wanted her to see that he was FULL OF GAMES , and that he was a damn lie! Thursday comes and his conversation starts getting dry, and Friday comes and he really gets dry says he’s been sleep and sick all day and stops answering the phone. Friday night I can’t help myself I drive back to Dallas but this time I go to the Aunt house. She was very rude and said he wasn’t there. It’s 1130 at night and he wasn’t there. He calls me and is going off. Why was I back in Dallas, didn’t I tell you I was coming home, why are you here..I don’t want to see you. I’m not there..I was like you are a liar, where are you, and since I’m here you can come home now. He said I’ll call you back letting you know where you can meet me at and hung up. He never called me back and he turned his phone off. I sat outside all night in the car until 700am the next morning. His Auntie son came home and immediately called the police on me. In laws..smh the police again are nice, give me the pep talk ,leave him alone he’s playing you, go home. So for the second time I drive home crying in complete silence. While I’m driving back to Houston guess who calls, yep my cheating lying dog ass husband. I refuse to answer than he starts texting me, answer the phone I’m worried about you.. I just slept outside in my car all night and he didn’t bother to call me or make it to me cause he was laid up with his mistress Bettina and now he’s worried about me. Really, please go to hell.

I avoid contact with him the rest of the weekend and finally on Tuesday he says come get him he ready to come home. Can you believe this..but of course guess what for a third time I drive back to Dallas but this time he comes home. He says God told him again that he was wrong and that this wasn’t my fault. He said he missed me, loved me and wanted to change everything about him, that he would never hurt or disappoint me again. Aww ..isn’t that lovely.? All BULLSHIT. ALL LIES. He came home,it took him 3 days to get his bags out the car, he never unpacked, he did nothing, he said nothing, he changed nothing about him he came home sat on the sofa played the playstation and said he needed sometime to adjust. Said he didn’t want to talk about anything, said he wasn’t ready. Said he wasn’t answering any questions and especially didn’t want to talk about HER. He came home and acted like he was the victim. He guarded his cellphone with his life and placed a lock code on it. I got a friend to check his call history, to say he wasn’t in a talkative mood he was talking to BETTINA. When I confronted him he denied it. I called her told her he was home, respect that he was home and to let us work on our marriage. You would think she would respect it .. No of course she didn’t. She continued to call and text him and he continued to do the same. I asked him to change his number he said no..he wasn’t willing to do anything to say he wanted our marriage to work.

Finally 1 week later I told him he had to go, if he wasn’t changing his number or telling her to stop calling it was over he had to go.. Strangely he outright refused. He said he wasn’t going anywhere he loved me he was here to work on our marriage and still denied, looked me in the face in the eyes and said he wasn’t in contact with her. Damn lie! I called her cellphone let the voicemail pick up and let her hear him saying he doesn’t talk to her, that he wanted to be home with me, that he loves me..she heard everything. Still he had to go, he was lying and so was she. I took all of his clothes that I paid for, placed them in the bathtub, poured every cleaning solution I had on them ran hot water ..bleached every damn thing.. Took every pair of shoes and cut them straight down the middle, took every jacket and cut one arm off each..he can go to hell and she can wait on him there. He had to go, I was no longer falling for his lies and the games he was playing. He wanted me and that homewrecking miserable trash.

Long story short The police came this time because I called them and he left. Left went straight to the greyhound, purchased a ticket straight back to his mistress homewrecking whore..he blocked me from his Facebook and CHANGED HIS NUMBER. LOL, that’s okay though, he laughing now but he will definitely cry later. I will get the last laugh. I contacted her pastor told them what I was hoping on and asked if he could do a sermon on INFIDELITY/Adultery.. Ms Bettina Weston is consciously sleeping with my husband. Lol..and have the nerve to wear a cross on her neck.