This woman Betty Vera Barcus has been having an affair with my husband for many years. He met her when he went to a restaurant for lunch. She was his waitress. I have have confronted her and him numerous times. Still she feels she’s not doing anything wrong, since she is single. Really?!! Than stop calling and texting him. She even had a video chat with him to show her naked 60 year old body. How proud her family must be to know this. She lives with her daughter and grandson. When I caught Betty and my husband at his work site last year. I rear ended her with my truck. B**ch took off real fast. Didn’t even get out of her van. I called the police. Said it wasn’t a hit and run since she left the scene and she didn’t call the police from a safe place moments later. Lol. I’ve warned her to leave us alone. I know my husband is guilty like her. His attitude changed towards our marriage these last few months. He wants us to renew our wedding vows this year. He tells me he was wrong about her and he learned his lesson. Betty is a waitress at Camila’s restaurant on the north side of town. Make sure not to eat there with your husband. She might slip him her number. Betty did give me a good laugh when she texted me saying my husband and I don’t have sex. I told her no we don’t. We make love every night and morning before work. Have for 11 years. What they suspect and I will now confirm, I have been able to record some of their calls and text to each other. He even turns his phone data off lol. I turned off his video chat, so Betty can’t be showing him her 60 year old naked a$$. Karma is a b**ch and she’s mean.