, this is Bruce Millett, and he is a psychotic who will without provocation or warning attack people like a rabid dog and or damage their property and or ‘steal’ from you (as he did from me). So be extremely careful when you see this man, and do not lend this man money as I mistakenly did as a trusting co-worker (ex-co-worker), for he will hurt you when you try to collect!

To confirm, Bruce Millett is psychotic and not just opinion, another ex-co-worker (that Millett also owes money to) told me this story: In January 2016, Bruce Millett went ‘berserk’ in downtown Edmonton and attacked a car with a girl sitting in it and was charged of criminal damage of less than $5,000.00 and was convicted and ordered to pay the victim prior to the end of 2016 but NEVER DID (and brags about it, and says f*ck his ‘word’ that he swore under oath to pay – which also confirms the man is an infidel and despicable!).

Bruce Millett (now in hiding) is also well known to freeload off of Metis women found on Facebook, so beware, and don’t become one of his victims! Now knowing Millett has a criminal record for going ‘berserk’, I’m sure in no time the law will nab him again (because he is psychotic!) and hopefully he will be caged!