just beware, Edmonton. This girl Nicole Lynn Graniero is shady and she is not someone you want to get close with! I knew she was a c**t the day I met her, but anyways, she was sleeping around a lot with all these people that she lived by and gave my cousin DRD. And when he accepted it and forgave her, she dumped him and her current boyfriend is stuck with her cause the same thing happened with him and he doesn’t want to spread it around either. She is truly disgusting, and although she doesnt do meth, she looks like she does. I would go visit my cousin and I would always hear her talking about Gregs- like she didn’t know how to talk about anything else. She used my cousin and had sex with him for weed and money. She tried to come off as nice at first, by she is the definition of twofaced and trashy. She won’t think twice about stabbing someone in the back. Just a fair warning- this girl is shady.