so this girl Roxy Romonets messages me on fb and creeping her profile I thought she was a fake account because I’m nothing special. She seemed intrigued by me and wanted to meet immediately. Saying things like “can you come and help me” so needless to say we ended up meeting at Wem and she proceeded to say to meet her in the underground parking instead of inside so I thought I might be getting set up.

We met in the middle at the doors where she invites me into her vehicle which I thought was weird. She then drove to the back of the parkade and began to take her clothes off. My reaction was to take my pants off, she wasted no time after that we went into the backseat ect. I asked if I should wear a condom she said she was clean and had been in a relationship so I didn’t.

Two days later I had herpes growing on me and ghonorhea discharge after that! When I went to confront her on FB, I realized I had been blocked! I now have this disease for the rest of my life and none of my relationships will ever be the same. I beg you to put this women out there so that no one else has to go through what I’m going through. The fact that she initiated everything is very dangerous! What guy could say no she is gorgeous, none the less please always wear protection no matter what a person might say