everyone needs to be aware of this floozy Vanessa Lapratt. I had the inconvenience of trying to befriend her when all she does is backstabbing and talk sh*t about everyone she meets. She thinks her close friends and family are sleeping with her boyfriend, which is totally not true. She’s a legit physco who abuses her man and her kids. She has 4 that she neglects and one of then has autism. Her oldest daughter ran away so many times that she had to move with a relative because she hated her!

All she does is smoke crack and meth and drink all day. Kids don’t even go to school on time. She’s that lazy. I’ve constantly had to bring over food because I felt sorry for them. She spends all their money on herself and it’s pretty sad. No one wants her man. They both need mental help. This b*tch had the nerve to sneak into my house and sleep with her other boyfriend on my bed. I had to throw my bed and sheets away. It was so gross! Pretty sure she has a DRD too, as her side guys are always talking about her. B*tch stop stealing off children get off welfare. Get a real job like the rest of us taxpayers. I advise those who run into her to be careful! And if you are her friend, she probably thinks you’re sleeping with her bf too! B*tch needs mental help. All she does is threaten and talk sh*t, yet she never shows up for a fight. Useless, used up floozy.