Well everyone I would like to tell you all about my ex husband Jason Lazette , he is a nasty dirty down user that know or think he know how to play someone well lady he is the biggest good around . See I was married to him and caught him time after time cheating on me with girls and especially one girl , well I kicked his loser down a55 to the curb and yet to find the low life good is seeing the girl that wreck my marriage . I just wanna let everyone know all about Mr.Jason Lazette he will lie straight to your face he will rob you blind but pretending to be your friend all just to get the next fix of down . He is the nastiest fuking good loser you’ll ever meet . He will tell the girls whatever he has to tell them to get anything and everything he can from them . His famous line is ” I’m only keeping her around cause her mitt can bring me money ” . Jason biggest problem right now is the girl he was messing around with her boyfriend is looking for him cause not only did she tell him everything but he robbed her as well . He thinks he’s all that and a big time dope dealer but in the real world he is a low life cvm guggzleing squid who know he may be gay as well . One thing is for sure is when this girl’s boyfriend gets ahold of him he will then pay the price for everything he has said and done to her and him . He is one heartless bastard that doesn’t care who he hurts ,. But one things for sure is when the catch him he will never lie or rob anyone again . So Jason aka Jay Jay your time is coming and you’ll get what’s coming to you trust me you fuked the girl and her boyfriend is gonna prove that to you so I close in saying KARAMA IS A B1TCH JASON AKA JAY JAY