He is from Saskatoon He will blindfold you with lies to get what he wants. He convinced a guy to move to a whole new city to be with him. Convinced him that it was love then a few months later, he’s sex talking and exchanging in appropriate photos with a friend behind his partner’s back. When his partner found out, they worked it out I guess but then almost a year later Blayde is still with his partner at the time and still tells him he loved him all the while had an account open on Squirt under the name dicksahoy talking to 20+ men exchanging photos and god knows what else. His profile read “WANT ALL BEEF” and “can’t host because of nosie roommates” Even when they tried working on it a second time, Blayde’s partner found more messages of him sending explicit photos more recently as they were working it out. His partner at the time was giving him all the attention yet he pushed away and cheated instead. Blayde made his partner feel unwanted and disgusting. Blayde lied and betrayed his “one true love” multiple times and will do the same for anyone he’s with. He has terrible communication skills. Instead of being up front, he hides and keeps secrets and blindfolds you with his lies to get what he wants. And when you don’t have what he wants, you mean nothing to him. He’ll make excuses not to be with you instead of telling the truth. He may be a Kool friend, but he is NOT ready for a relationship. He just wants ALL BEEF like it said in his profile