This is Brenda Cruz from Port Arthur, Texas. She was messing around with my husband and when she was informed that he was married and that i was pregnant with his child it didn’t stop her at all. Me and my husband have been together 11 years and married for 3. Found out backin May whatwas going on and forgave him. Well it didn’t stop. She knew he was still staying at home with me. He met her while she was working at a gas station in Cameron, La while he was out there for work. I spoke to this person plenty of times and informed her of what was going on but she didn’t stop. When contacted the first time she apologized and said she was done with him. Well that was a lie. She actually even told me that she’s been through it, well why would you want another woman to go through it.

Well for the past few months things were going good with my husband and I and now we’re at it again. I really think he’s talking to her again. He just wakes up this morning and packs his stuff and leaves, which is what he used to do when he was messing around with her. She’s a whore that needs to be exposed.