I have been with my (soon to be ex) husband for 10 years, married for 7. We have two children, one of them being an infant, so I was pregnant when it all began. Brenda began sleeping with my husband at work last summer sometime. She is 41 with 3 children and a husband.

They would meet in her office when no one was around, they would do it in his truck, and also met at varying places. The affair didn’t stop until February of this year when the company closed down, interestingly because the manager in charge committed suicide.

I found out last week when she texted him. There were signs last year including flirty texts and emails she claimed were meant for her husband. But I was busy building a baby, nausea and fatigue were strong. Then I was caring for a newborn.

My husband claims she had inside information and was able to issue extra per diem to him and that was part of the reason why he did it. Whatever, but just thought I would throw that in there. They’re both horrible people and now 5 childrens lives will be affected forever. Not to mention me and her husband.