This woman, who thinks very highly of herself, knowingly pursued my husband, a married man with 2 toddler daughters, at his place of work. She saught him out and flirted with him over a period of 6 months while she was going through a divorce. She then gave my husband her phone number to which my idiot husband did not hesitate to use. My husband is a piece of shit of course but she then proceeded to talk and text him over a period of 2 months. When at work and at home. She had absolutely no respect and no regard for his family. She only cared about herself getting her kicks from a much younger and dumber man. She used her profession to appeal to my husband and entice him. She is a selfish, low life bitch and I just want everyone to know exactly what type of woman she is. She is not to be trusted! Even though she works in Human Resources and is at least half a century in age, you would think she had a moral in her bone but the fact is she does not. She’s heartless and selfish and a whore who picked my drunk husband up from a bar and took her to her home where she fucked him and kept him overnight. Again, zero respect and regard for anything but her disgusting self. I don’t know how a married woman with children could bring herself to purposefully and strategically destroy a family for her own cheap thrills and games. I’m heartbroken and saddened that people like this exist on this planet. I know she will die alone and unhappy the way she deserves.