Hide your kids, hide your boyfriend Miss. Brianna Rio obviously has no shame in ruining a family! You see…. my best friend had one of the best relationships with her boyfriend. They have 2 children and 1 on the way. Where this goes bad is… in 2016 my friend was 7 months pregnant… her boyfriend went out with some friends. Days later come to find out that he admitted to messing up and sleeping with this hooker. Well little Miss Brianna wasn’t done. She continued to persue him which in time messed with the boyfriends head. He left my friend while pregnant. He eventually came back… then left again because of her. Not just once but a few times. My friend had her beautiful baby and her and dude tried to work it out because they were a family. Well all of a sudden the thing thinks she’s pregnant (not to mention she “had/has” stomach cancer. We cannot confirm or deny but we think it’s a lie! Anywho…. my friend and dude continued to try to work on things and bam… my friend is pregnant again. Guess where the boyfriend is living and shacking up with. This girl is still at it and can’t leave this family alone! GO FIND YOUR OWN MAN YOU DESPERATE LITTLE GIRL.