I just had my daughter July 12, 2014. Sadly my daughter was four weeks early and had jaundice along with losing 10% of her birth weight. I was kept in the hospital for three days. When I was released I stayed in my current home because we are together but I moved out due to his infidelity issues. My daughter is five days old and I get this overwhelming feeling that he is cheating again so I decide to show up unannounced. In his place is still pictures, notes posted in our bedroom, my perfumes (very apparent that he is not a single man) he also wears a ring… anyways I catch this fat bitch (Brittany Garza from Burleson, Texas) in my home. She was trying to sneak out the back door but I was already there. I started yelling at her asking her if she was Jennifer (goes to show the lack of faithfulness I receive) she says “No, I’m Brittany” she is obviously frightened and telling me that she has a baby at home. As I proceed to yell and get further enraged as I tell her we have a newborn in the car (with our two other kids and niece also one upstairs). She then tells me frantically that she will never come over again.

I recently caught her messaging him yet again. She has no concern for the family she is ruining (although he is wrong also) he ignores her text and I have even messaged her telling her to leave my family.. words that seem to have fallen on deaf ears. I then told her to think about her child losing a father and why would she want to put other children through the same thing. Hopefully we wont hear from her again but then again, she is trying to look for a father for her kid no matter if it cost hurting four other kids in the process.

Brittany Garza from Burleson, Texas.. you are exposed for the filthy disgusting tramp you are and I hope that people you know see this and you hold your head down in shame… oh and btw that guy Jason you messaged that pretended to have found your number on his phone and wanted to see who you were. Thats my brother and it didn’t take him long to get pictures of you. Wow you are thirstier than a fish