Brooke Lovelace Foster of The Colony, Tx learned her Thotty disgusting lifestyle because her mom Debby Box Kisinger, a woman who frequently encourages and hooks up 3 of her 4 kids to be homewreckers. Debby has no problem befriending you and then letting her kids have sex in her house with your husband or wife. Her brother Chad Williamson Foster, who she calls Chaddybear has slept with 12 women. Her brother Todd Boykin Foster also had an extramarital relationship with Sara Baumeister of Bowie Texas who is married to Trey Baumeister. Brooke, Todd, and Chad will sit at a dinner table and say a prayer while j*rking off the married person next to them. They have been known to hit your kids and have no problem lashing out and disciplining kids that are not theirs but not taking the time to so much as visit their kids. Brooke has no remorse for breaking up marriages and you won’t catch her using a condom, just like her brothers. They will gaslight you, apologize for breaking boundaries to your face, and then blame it on “need to work on myself” as an excuse for behavior without so much as a Hail Mary Mother of Grace and tear shed. They don’t care about children, besides neglecting their own. Avoid them like the plague. White trash drunks who commit worse crimes than not paying tolls, such as theft of property and DWI. Beware of the Foster family and don’t let them into your lives.