Watch out Edmonton! Crazy Caitlyn Massey likes to stalk men online and harass them from random phone numbers after they use her for a night then ghost. This potato nosed little ratchet freaks out when every new guy walks away because of her psycho needy behaviour. Loves to call your work and ask for you if you have her blocked on your cell. Don’t ever tell her anything about you as she will relentlessly harass and stalk you like some super obsessed crazy chick. She has posted a few guys on this site who have dumped her and she can’t keep a relationship for more than a month. She has insanely bad halitosis and looks like she never washes her hair. Her kid is always running around wearing nothing but diapers because she’s too broke to afford anything and lives off government assistance. Pretty sure she isn’t the cleanest either because she’s ran through about 8 guys in the last year and never gets tested. I’d be careful when encountering this one, guys. Mental illness alert!