I’m not a vengeful person however I feel like I’ve tried to be as peaceful and as reasonable as possible with this individual, but due to her bipolar disorder she fails to make amends. Let me give you some background information and then bring you to as of current…….where shall I start? Lets go to a little bit before day one, I met my boyfriend at Ft Sam Houston, TX in Nov of 2013. Of course we didn’t start dating right away but I had heard he was divorcing his wife at the time and that she was absolutely without a doubt crazy. As a matter of fact he only refers to her as Crazy when we talk not Carisa. I heard from fellow soldier that she had sent pictures to all of them of herself beat up and claiming he had done that and asking for help. I wondered why wouldn’t she call law enforcement if she truly felt threatened but in the end I left it alone. Turns out she hit herself and was trying to get sympathy and that she also refuses to take medication for her bipolar disorder. Well fast forward 6-7 months I go on a mission with my now boyfriend, we are forced to spend time together and get to know each other better. We fall head over heels for each other after the first two weeks.

I’m scared because I never date anyone I’ve worked with, but I took the chance because the connection was so strong and undeniable. Keep in mind I know he is divorcing this psychopath and I bring that up when he tells me for the first time “I love you. ” I didn’t say it back immediately, I was skeptical of how he was going to handle dating me and handling the divorce at the same time. He explains to me that the way they started was all wrong and that she was a liar/manipulator from day one. He married her when he was 19 because he got her pregnant in a drunken binge. He already had a house he had purchased from his previous marriage (that walked out on him) and because Carisa begged him twice he felt obligated to marry and take care of her. He was naïve and young, so he married her, moved her in, and found out she was 30 yrs old ( no degree, real job, or career) and lied about her age, and had two other kids with two other men. After he found out she was completely dishonest and manipulated him he was hurt. But stayed to take care of the kids because he knew she couldn’t. Fast forward to when him and I encounter each other he is finishing up the divorce. But before hand she poisons him with opiates because she knows he’s allergic, she got caught shoplifting at Dollar General using their baby as a decoy, and has even had multiple affairs with other men bringing in STI’s. I feel so bad for my him because he truly is an American hero (outstanding Soldier) and has done everything to make this right, but this individual keeps trying to ruin his life and make it impossible for us to move forward. She has even called the police on him after throwing a brick through his camper and driving recklessly (drunk) with their baby in the backseat. I pray for her daily and hope she gets her life on track.