! I am sick to death of this girl & someone needs to put her fake a$$ on blast. She goes by Carlie Nikole but is actually Carlie Cranston. Here are 3 issues with this girl: shes a drug user, shes a racist AND she was in an interview held by a Canadian News station trying to defend a psycho racist bc she wanted attention. 1st of all, this girl is a disgrase to the Narcotics Anonymous NA community, she has said she is sobriety for years but this is bullsh*t, she was smoking fentanyl again shortly after coming off of her methadone treatments (your dealer sold you out and told a group of ppl you dumb fk). She uses pepsi every weekend but goes out of her way to cuss out addicts and act “holier than thou” – honey your fooling no one and every1 still knows you by Carlie CRACKston. 2nd problem with this a$$hole is that she’s a racist – all it takes is a little look at her public FB page to see her sharing posts stereotypying native ppl and spreading fear mongering hatred around muslim ppl and new immagrants. This little Sherwhite Park princess has no clue how racist she is, bc she will deny being racist. The point that really proves this fkn rat is a racist is that she was interviewed by CBC (Canadian News Station channel) defending her “friend” KANE KOSOLOWKSY. Now let’s get one thing straight, beyond doing a few pepsis with this kid, Carlie was never good friends with Kane and only pretended to be friends with him to get attention from CBC. Kane was a ticking time bomb, and followed similar racist pages as Carlie does, and shared fear mongering hatred towards muslims and new immagrants. Last year, Kane snapped and attempted to attack a Sherwood Park government building with weapons. Luckily, the dumb fk shot himself before he could do any real damage to innocent civilians. But rather than sitting back and letting the police do their job, this dumb rat Carlie decided to go to CBC for an interview, insisting what a GOOD GUY Kane was, and that she knew he didn’t do anything wrong. What kind of delusional piece of sh*t do you have to be to defend someone who’s just attempted domestic terrorism? Nik, I’m sick of this girl acting like she’s better than everyone else. Face the facts: you were “friends” with a white nationalist who almost killed innocent civilians, you had the balls to defend him to CBC, all the time while you’re doing PEPSI every damn week and being a racist b*tch on your Facebook. You are the definition of a confused, hypocriticial, STUPID little girl