WELLL THIS red headed cvnt moved to a small town I’m in. Came in from a strip joint and told everyone she’s the “ new piece of meat in town” walked around like a slore and dressed like one. Would call me saying “ people won’t stop calling me a slore cause of my outfit” She thinks it’s clever to attack people with their children ( calling cps on someone who doesn’t neglect their kids is fuking pathetic). She also would steal booze and money in shift and think no one noticed. She is the biggest pathological liar I’ve ever met in my life. I told her to quit telling people what she made for tips ( cause it was obvious she was stealing) and she jumped down my throat calling me every name in the book. I’ve been a serve for 10 years and I’ve never had someone come to a place of employment like this…… and this is socially acceptable to act in such ways She lied and said I threw money at her when j didn’t . She tried attacking me from behind in front of my own kid THAT WAS AT THE DANCE (apparently I leave my kids home alone while I go out even tho my parents are my neighbors and babysit 😂). She’s a fuking head case. And I’m sick of her having nothing else to do in life besides plaster sh1t on the internet that happened months ago. Kudos to your Cassandra! You gained nothing from posting about me on here. You still got drds 😂😂