This is Cassie Bruens or Cassie fae Paige. This girl is literally the most low down h0e you’ll ever meet. Shes a nasty ratchet alcoholic who trust me when you see her in person isn’t hard to tell considering how nasty and saggy and wrinkly she is. Pictures say it all. She will sleep with anything half decent that will give her any attention and conveniently forgets to tell them that shes got a dirty infested pus*y full of drd. Every guy she gets in relationships with ends up leaving her a55 after they realize she’s an ugly psychotic disgusting old hag with nothing to offer other than maybe a half decent BJ. She really believes shes the hottest sh1t around cuz she got herself a boob job (which was paid for by her diddler father) should’ve invested in a facelift instead)…but she knows no amount of surgery can fix that retchet disgusting face of hers. She has no respect for anyone not even herself. I guess she can’t help but take after her crack head floozy mother and dirty sister we all know as Randy Cramer/Bruens…yup that’s her sister…To top it all off she’s got a drd ….or a couple and she likes to keep it on the down low cuz well who the f**k would take her after finding that out. She already gave it to a homie of mine…he said he should have known since her pu55y smelt like cheese n fish. So here she is guys..prancing around the city