This woman is a disgrace. Her name is Cassie Maldonado and she used to small talk with me Every time I went into the store she works at. My husband of 18 years split for about a month.Him & her hooked up and he didn’t tell me until New Years Eve cause she was claiming to be pregnant after they only been together for 3 weeks.

She stole my wedding rings, pawned them and because I didn’t have a receipt I had to buy them back. She stalked our home because he was foolish enough to take her inside our house and have sex with her. She told her co-workers and the entire community a pack of lies. At 6 weeks her first visit she claimed a miscarriage. We never got any paperwork,just two texts, both photo’s of a pregnancy test. I don’t believe she was ever pregnant. I tried talking to her but we ended up fighting twice… She still works at that store and the second time I went there she was already onto her next victim. She knew we were married and no decent woman or man should place money & honey in or around the same place. She has no remorse and I’m fed up with her. Beware… she tells guys she has difficulty with conceiving or carrying a baby so you won’t use protection. She hangs out at TGIF. She seems sweet but straight THOT.