About time this loose mit got posted on here. Meet Chantel Gladue, Facebooks mother of the year. When she’s not getting beat up by her boyfriend Scott McMillan, you can find her making up one of her many excuses about how her baby daddy is keeping her child from her. Constantly cries about how Scott beats her up and cheats on her, buy is too busy with alcohol or drugs to actually do anything about it. Scott even slept with his biological mother, yes I know but this is not made up he actually did… Actually cheated on his ex wife with her when they were married. Like not bad enough he looks like a Tranny but he literally had sex with his mother. Oh and when he’s not doing that you can catch him on Tinder picking up guys. It’s probably why she’s constantly crying about trying to end her own life by throwing toasters in the bathtub… Yes I know.. If you actually want to be a parent stop hanging around with gang members, maybe find a boyfriend who doesn’t beat you up and steal drugs… Grow up and start acting like a mother.