let me tell you about this one Chantie…. Not only did she have an affair once with a married man, she did it TWICE and now claims to be his “girlfriend”!!!! This homewrecking walking DRD poor excuse of a woman not only knew he was married, she actually spent time with his wife in their home together for 2 years … She’s a real good neighbor…She went above and beyond just borrowing some sugar to your neighbor… she slept with him and continued to do so knowing he was married… her parents are raising her daughter cause she can’t even do that, so I guess that’s why she has so much time to be a homewrecker. Her rough exterior is also due to the amount of pepsi she’s consuming by any means necessary when she needs it. Keep your husbands close, ladies, this one has no morals nor self respect. Just giving a friendly heads up to all the ladies out there.