Here we have Charlene Coles. A drunk desperate over the hill alcoholic who at 53 looks about 73. Thin and frail and skin so leathery from over 30 years of chain-smoking and drinking this degenerate has exhausted all options of ever finding a man. She caused her ex-husband so much stress he ended up passing away a few months ago from illness. Her drunken behaviour is beyond tolerable as she will start drinking as early as 8 AM and be blasted by noon. She constantly drives drunk and it’s a wonder how she has never been pulled over for a DUI. She needs constant validation and reassurance from you if you begin talking to her as she knows her life is a complete mess from her drinking. She has no kids of her own and her own family has completely disowned her. She does not take any responsibility for all the bridges she has burned and she will deflect blame on to you instead of looking at her self and her addictions. If you see her driving on the road please report her to the police as she is most likely drunk and in a bad frame of mind. If you see her on any dating sites do not engage her. She will only make your life a living hell. She has had about 10 partners in the last year and has never been tested for DRDs. She does not care about her health or her well-being and will do anything and everything to sabotage your life if she does not get her way. Stay away from Charlene Coles.