New evidence emerges that Chelsey Lucio is a long time, serial mentally sick, malicious homewrecker unsafe for families and children According to a veteran Texan, Witch snake looking Chelsey Lucio is a long time, malicious and mentally sick serial homewrecker! This Texan says: “Guess I was right (she is a homewrecker) for four years! Much more but not posting it.” The statement and its weight is self explanatory and no need to further explain. In addition, Chelsey Lucio has been banned from a house sitting website due to complains that she is unsafe for families and children! Chelsey Lucio demonstrates strong cluster B personality disorder tendency and is very harassive and malicious in destructing other people’s lives purely for the fun and game of it. She also shoot many profanity photos with highly embarrassing and provocative poses. Her face and expressions are also pretty self explanatory of what kind of nature and character she holds. Watch out and don’t forget to spread the words in the Austin communities to keep most families safe.