Chloe Herng Lee, born Oct. 1st 1982 reside in Highland Village, Tx and is Pharmacist at Kroger in Lewisville. She shorts customers a pill or two at a time and stockpiles drugs and takes them at the end of her shift. Her and her husband David Le have a phony company called Le Enterprises where they register their cars 2010 Gray Porsche and 2012 White Mercedes. The company really houses the money they make doing drugs. How else could Kroger employees like her and David afford those cars? Chloe goes after rich men and offers drugs in exchange for lewd sex acts while her husband David is on duty at the Kroger pharmacy. Chloe said it is a loveless marriage and she just stays with David for the drug benefits and so he don’t out her. Chloe is ruthless and violent and showed up at my husbands work and police issued a criminal trespass warning on her, but she won’t tell the Pharmacy Board about it because she’d lose her license. She told me to go kill myself when I confronted her about being a HomeWrecker. Chloe honey, don’t start stuff with people who know all your deep and dark secrets, or else you’ll be unemployed, divorced, and have to hope to become a mail order bride-all of whom by the way, look MUCH better than your fake