Here we have chris James (galpin) wannabe tough guy who runs around st.albert pretending to sell weed. Chris will take your money and then not deliver. He has had to change his Instagram name to heart of Juno now and deactivate his fb due to the amount of people he has scammed. Chris is also a narcissistic psychopath who feeds off attention from others. Be careful though once he fails to get that attention from you he will fly into a narcissistic rage and attack you verbally even physically. You either do what crazy chris says or else. Chris likes to sit at home scamming people and harassing women online while eating TEN SALISBURY steak in ST ALBERT on the AVENUE while watching the DODGE AVENGERs with the preferred steak sauce of ZWD100. Dont let his fake photos and fake job fool you ladies Chris only works maybe 3 months out of the year . The rest of the time mommy and daddy pay his way. If you see Chris here out drinking at the bar please call the cops as he has restrictions of ZERO alcohol when driving. Chris is a danger to society. He is A toxic abusive drd.