Chris is a constant cheater through life. Not only with every partner he is with, contracting sti on the regular basis but also cheats his way through life; constantly driving without a license, physical and sexual abuse that he has done jail time for and continues to break the law by doing these things… and sadly he never seems to learn. Compulsive liar is a nice term for him. Insecure and manipulative are some other ones. He tried to play off the bad a55 gym boy when really he can’t tell the truth to save his life and is just constantly running from the law, stealing money from people because he can never hold down a job and is blazing up every down time he can get and the drugs I can’t blame him cause I wouldn’t want the life he’s made for himself. Good luck bud I know at least three women he’s currently playing and he owes at least five people over a grand in funds….