This woman loves married men. I seen that she has already been posted to this site because of being with a married man. We were former coworkers and she would always make comments about my boyfriend before we got married i brushed them off as being innocent but little did I know she was serious. Once married I decided to change jobs we were still friends and hung out ever once in a while but one night she took it to far. She had been partying a little to much and she stayed over I was woken up by noises and moaning she was giving my husband oral sex while I was in the same bed. It was dark I turned on the light my husband was surprised so he said he thought it was me. She then tried to say she wanted to be with us both. I jumped up and kicked her ass out of my house. I was so shocked that this could happen what the hell is wrong with this girl. I tried working it out with my husband but I couldn’t because she started calling all the time and then I would see she was sending him messages on facebook she couldn’t stop. My husband left to be with her and once they were together for maybe a week it was over and he was begging to come back. They both made me sick she really has a problem and can’t control herself she needs help.