This person is my former lifetime friend. She smiled in my face while having an affair with my husband. So yeah, she is the very definition of a homewrecker. She busted up a home with three young children. Even after my husband realized how stupid he was being, day and night phone calls wouldn’t stop. I talked to her, nothing helped. To the point where we were considering getting a restraining order. She is a cruel, selfish person who can’t sustain her own relationship so she preys on married men stupid enough to fall for her tricks. Then when my husband ignored her, she harassed our twelve year old daughter on social media to get to him. She is a soulless monster with no conscience. She did all this right after I had just lost my father. My Dad and her Dad were best friends from childhood. Thanks to her crap, our parents’s 40 year friendship is probably over. I know it takes two, but she knew what she was doing. She preyed on our relationship when we were going through something awful.We lost my Dad and five months later, my Mother in law. We were in a vulnerable situation that she took advantage of.