I thought women had morals and standards. My husband met his slore on a website I never figured out which one. They started chatting and she found out he was married with a 2 month old child. She agreed to meet him anyway. They started hanging out getting drunk once a week and going back to her house to have sex while her 3 year old daughter slept down the hallway. This went on for 3 months and the mistress got pregnant but miscarried. She told my husband that due to the complications during her miscarriage the doctors told her she couldn’t get pregnant (liar.) They started getting together again and a year and a half later she got pregnant again (this time was definitely on purpose). People are very different when a relationship consists of just drinking and fuking. She seemed so understanding when my husband stated he wanted to stay married and work on his marriage. She acted all understanding until she realized she really was just a hole for him to have some fun with and that he had no true feelings for her. She tried so many manipulative tactics but at this time I knew and her bullshit manipulation was not going to work on me. She trash talked me and my 2 yr old son at this point and stated that we will burn in hell. I don’t know how many times I got called a b1tch. I even asked her to stop trash talking my son and I and she went off to describe in detail about her sexual encounters (slore) with my husband and ended the conversation by stating that she was not sorry for any of it. Ironic part is her first husband cheated on her and knocked a girl up. I asked her why would you do the same thing knowing the pain and wreckage it causes in a family. Her response “Well it happened to me so I figure I can do it to somebody too.”