this is Christine Holstein. She was “dating” my good friend and when he wanted to move towns and she didn’t. She lied to me, telling me he was raping her and put him on The Dirty so that I’d have sympathy for her and let her move in with me. She lived in my living room for 14 months and used me the whole time pretending to be my best friend. I was feeding her and smoking her up every day, and she was very disrespectful to me and my home and was a cu*t to me all day long every day.

She took advantage of the fact I didn’t have the heart to kick her out but talked sh*t about me the whole time. She’d smoke most of my weed that I use medicinally and then blame me for it. She’d smoke it behind my back without asking when I was sleeping. Then, after smoking most of my stash and getting free stuff given to her, she didn’t share and even hid it, so I stopped smoking her up after that and she started sleeping with this old fat bald married guy for $40 worth of weed at a time. She pretended to date some guy because he took care of her and even got engaged. Then, he kicked her out and she pretended to date my friend and got engaged to him, too.Before that I talked to someone else who kicked her out because all she does is sit on the couch and smoke weed and doesn’t even try to get a job. She told me she was just using the last 2 guys she lived with. Now she’s moved on to be a parasite off of someone in Boyle. She told me he was always into her but she’s not into him at all and never would be, then one day she’s saying she was always into him and she ran off to use him instead because I wasn’t giving her weed anymore and she knew I was getting close to kicking her out because she’s such a b*tch every day. She even got engaged to him, too, and she’s just using him because she sucked me dry and had to move on.

She racked up a tab of $8000 not including rent, with rent it’s $14,000 she owes me and she ran off while I was at my parents for bday dinner and stole a bunch of my sh*t. Then she was in my best friend’s ear to turn him against me. All she does is use people so she doesn’t have to get a job and then pretends to be looking for one when she’s not. She was abusive to my cat and beat her all the time. My cat was always so shy and timid now that she’s gone, my cat is actually happy and social now. She’s also annorexic but uses a sore tooth as an excuse for never eating. She’ll go a week or 2 without showering. She’s cheated on every guy she’s been with. She’s a huge Pepsi head and she used to be addicted to crack, too. She’ll do any drug if you give it to her for free. Her teeth are haggard af which is why her mouth is closed in every picture and she’s got ugly shovel face. She thinks she’s hot because guys wanna sleep with her but they only wanna sleep with her because they know she’s easy and sleeps with everyone.