Clarence Freeman #freemanorganics is a liar, a cheat, and a User. He dates women for two or three months, he asks for money and says he has five kids at home and he needs help but he never tells you about the WOMAN that lives with him. He got a house built off of money from women. When he says I’ll pay you back he doesn’t. He block’s your calls and you from social media or any way of contacting him. He says women pay him just to be in his presence and he doesn’t sleep around lol… If he was sleeping with me and he lives with someone he sleeps around. When confronted with his lies he gets angry and calls you bad name’s and tries to put you down. He has a record as long as your arm. He’ll also say, if another woman he’s been scamming has the same pictures as you, she got them off the internet… lol… Just another lie… I have pictures from his child hood and nude that aren’t on the internet.