This is Courtney Hunt from Burleson, Texas. She was told once that the man she was pursuing was married with 4 kids. A month later the wife finds out she is still chasing him. Now in all honesty, the marriage was on the rocks. But the wife put her trust in her husband when he said he was “going out of town” for what she believed to be a “business trip.” The wife found out and confronted Courtney yet again, she was then informed that Courtney had moved him into her house while he was in Texas after only knowing him for 2 months, introduced him to her child and they were planning to live happily ever after. Her excuse was “he told me they were getting a divorce” as if any other man would use another excuse? She never asked for papers or any proof of this so called divorce.

Yes the wife has tried to reconcile their marriage and move on. She is well aware of the fact that it took 2 to tango. However, she is a very gentle kind hearted woman that sees the good in every person. I chose to post this on her behalf because I believe the homewrecker should be exposed.