This fat little midget is Jessica Schenk. A self proclaimed “workaholic” who’s only job is serving at Albert’s in Capilano mall yet she claims to have 3 jobs. Changes her name on FB constantly to hide from the numerous people she has pissed off and posted on here. Now she’s “Jessica Simmons” and apparently in a relationship. Yeah. With her stupid little annoying dog Max who doesnt shut the fuk up and pisses all over her place. She barely takes care of the mutt. Always leaves him alone to go out snd meet guys. She talks so big but this girl literally has dwarfism. Stands maaaybe 5 feet tall with shoes on and with the money she claims to have why can’t she afford a pedicure or manicure? Ew. Those fuking nails of hers are disgusting and clubbed like she chews them down so far! Jessica likes to sleep around alot and is usually on Tinder or POF looking for men to have over. I’ve seen her crotch and it is beyond mangled. No vagina should look like that. It’s like it’s in constant repair mode or something so swelled up and meaty … blech. She showers maybe once a week because all she does when she gets home from work is jump online and talk to guys. She’s brought so many guys home from that site it’s beyond ridiculous. I’ve had to ask a more than a few to leave to which her answer was to try and sneak them in while I was sleeping. I’m pretty sure she is running around with something because I have never seen her go get checked after sleeping with all these men. It makes you want to vomit just thinking of what she is carrying. Jessica is a total narccissistic compulsive liar who will say or do anything to try and get her way and when you roadblock her bullsh1t she will then start verbally attacking you and threatening you just like short people with tempers do. I have text messages still of her threatening to kill my cat when I booted her from the place. The messages on FB and Snapchat as well. She drinks and smokes pot constantly and can’t get off of those habits if she tried. I’m talking cracking a vodka Nude at like 8am on her day off and being 6 deep by noon and then gets in her car and goes driving. What a winner! This menace to society needs to be put on blast, Nik. Here is all the fame you’ve desperately been seeking Jessica! Own it. Sincerely your ex roomie.