So my ex and I have been broken up for quite sometime and we have a baby together. right now we are going through custody court and I somehow he hired a lawyer. he’s too broke to afford one so I wondered how he did it. He deals drugs so I thought he paid for the lawyer with drug money. come to find out a married woman by the name of cyndel barragan took $7000 of her husbands hard earned money to pay for my ex’s lawyer. she cheated on her husband with my ex, a man who couldn’t care less about his son, has a protective order against him for domestic and family violence, wished his son was dead, and cheated on me with numerous girls, and not to mention now he has STDs. this woman has 3 girls girls who she does not take care of yet she stealing videos and pics of my son off my facebook because she wants a son and can’t have anymore kids so she thinks shes going to take my son! she has bought him clothes and toys and has never even seen him! she has even said she can’t wait to be my sons mom! my ex has no rights to my son not even visitation rights so why is this psycho doing all of this?

My ex has threatened to take my son away and with this woman having such a big interest in my son it scares me to think they will try to take my son. these two are psycho and sick. then I find out they want to get married in 3 months… when her divorce is final! wow, that’s a great role model for her 3 girls. she also goes around spreading rumors (as well as her legs) about me like im pregnant or im a bad mother to my son or i dont deserve my son. im a damn good mother to my son, a better mother than she’ll ever be to her girls which she neglected to be with my sorry ex. my son does not deserve to be around this homewrecker or the sorry s.o.b who wants nothing to do with him and wanted him dead. she deserves to be exposed. she is trash.