This woman was my husband’s boss at a large Midwestern insurance company. She pretended to be a “friend of my family”, even attending my son’s first birthday party. She was screwing my husband for years. He has admitted he has a sex addiction problem, and has attempted several times to go into treatment for recovery. We asked her together, to stay out of our lives. But she willingly re-entered my life again. She knows better, she purports to be an educated, professional woman. But she herself is a sex addict, and has all the symptoms and behaviors. It’s also a documented fact that she committed felony theft from her job in a retail store in McLean county, Illinois. If you know her, know that she is a skilled liar, and un-diagnosed, UN-recovering sex addict. She flaunted her affair with a professor from ISU in Normal, IL, and flaunted her affair with my husband under my nose. She dumped her husband and family of two fine young boys, so she could act out sexually, without fear. Affairs don’t have to end marriages, and can make them stronger. My husband is doing his best to heal himself from his sexual compulsion, brought about by deep trauma as a child, and early sexualization at 11 years of age, with a non-caring father. He is doing his best to keep me, and to heal this marriage. Dalia however, will probably never admit that she is addicted to compulsive sexual acting out, nor learn about it. She will never offer me an apology, to help me heal. She probably tells herself lies, that I somehow deserved this pain. The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies.