this girl Danielle here is something else. First off, she is the biggest two-faced b*tch you will ever meet. She will pretend to be your friend to your face, but the moment you leave, she starts talking sh*t. And if you do the same to her? Well how dare you! If you can dish it out sweetie, don’t be surprised when people dish it right back. I also heard that she made two boyfriends buy her dogs, so you think she would take care of them, right? LOL nope, cause that would mean taking responsibility, something she doesn’t have a clue about. I also hear that she can lose her sh*t at the drop of a hat, I’m talking about screaming at the top of her lungs, slamming doors, it doesn’t matter the time or place, this little princess doesn’t care. The list just goes on and on with this spoiled little brat. I just want people to see just a glimpse of how horrible she can be. Take care sweetie <3