There is so much to say about this man. He has ruined more than one marriage and relationship including ours. We were together for almost 3 years and he cheated the entire time. I just didn’t know about it until he walked out on me and his 3 months old son and left us with absolutely nothing. He abused me physically and verbally on a daily basis and disrespected me and my family. He wished his unborn son would die when I was just 5 months pregnant with our son. I ended up in tb hospital because I almost lost my son due yo the stress my ex was putting me through. While I was In the hospital he was no where to be found. After my son was born he never changed. He continued to be a monster. Now to make himself look like a good person he makes up lies about me, spreads rumors, and pretends to care about his son.

This is not a man, he is a coward. No man puts his hands on a woman and hurts her or his own child. Now he has a girlfriend who has a sick infatuation with my son. She apparently wants to be his new mom, she wants to take my son away from me, and she has stolen videos and pics of my son off of Facebook and keeps them on her personal phone. This women is married, stole $7000 of her husbands money to pay for my ex’s lawyer, she has three daughters she does not take care of and has attempted to committ suicide. She is psycho. But I guess thats why her and my ex hooked up. This man needs to be exposed for the monster and homewrecker that he is.