This is Dawn Brown, she is a higly manipulative person. She pretends to be the victim to get her friends to harass people and to get people to do things for her because she can’t take care of herself. She’s not a victim, she’s a bully and a user. She loves to talk about K and how she used to steal, leaving out the part that most of the stuff she stole was for Dawn because Dawn pressured her to. Even when K got caught and vowed to quit, Dawn kept pressuring her and guilting her to steal stuff for her. Dawn cannot keep friends because she blabs their secrets, lies non stop, and talks shit about everyone behind their back. There are so many people that wanna beat her up that she refuses to go anywhere alone and has for the last 10 years or so. She keeps borrowing money from people or takes deposits to make dreads for people and then never pays them back and spends the deposits on herself and has lost friends over this too. Every time she gets money she goes shopping for goth nightclub clothes and picks out all the smallest sizes off the shelf then ugly cries like a whale in the fitting room when they don’t fit. She stinks and her hair is always super greasy because she doesn’t shower or brush her teeth, and she wears the same dirty clothes every day without washing them. Even her underwear! She’ll go 2 weeks without showering or washing her clothes. Her teeth are super yellow and always caked with plaque so much so that she often blows spit bubbles through her teeth when she talks. She looks like a man and her eyebrows look like a 2 year old drew them on with a sharpie. She can’t do makeup at all so it makes her look even more gross. She can’t keep a real job. The last real job she had was Spencer’s, over 6 years ago. She got fired because she blew off work, without calling, to go to a concert. Then she tried getting K fired when she wasn’t at work by telling the supervisor H lies. But because of that and starting drama with H she got banned from Spencers and told everyone K got her banned. She mainly survives off of her bf’s AISH money. When she’s not obsessing over her bf, she was spewing lies and sh1t talking because she’s a pathalogical liar. K and J still have to use a fake account so Dawn’s friends stop messaging them. Their short friendship ended in early 2013 and to this day Dawn still talks about them and gets people to bully them because she’s obsessed. Every time something happens, she thinks K did it. She’ll probably think she posted this too. I only mention her so much because she’s Dawn’s main focus even though K didn’t really do anything wrong. So I’m telling that instead because if I mention everything she did to me that’ll give me away for posting this. She doesn’t realize this “scene” that she is so obsessed with actually hates her. The ones that don’t, feel sorry for her because she has FASD and you can tell she’s brain damaged the second you see her or hear her talk but she doesn’t know that. People hang out with her because it makes them feel like a good person, but really it’s charity. C0cktober and her were just friends before but she’d always refer to him as her bf or her ex during the time he wasn’t even talking to her for years because of her lies. Back when they were first friends, they almost had sex once but he saw her naked and then backed out because he was so grossed out by her. She doesn’t groom her body hair at all, even her thick dark inner thigh pubes, and her boobs look like fat man boobs. That’s as far as it ever went back then. She kept trying to do love spells and voodoo doll sh1t to get him to love her. C0cktober and her became friends again but he was seeing other women still and so she got mad that he had a gf and put him on blast on the dirty. You can recognize her horrible spelling. She also blames the post on K but she admitted to a few people that she did it, not K. So when he got dumped by this chick he gave up on dating and started seeing Dawn because she’s the only one who will have him. But he’d still creep on POF and still tell people that he’s only with her until he finds someone better.