This woman has serious issues. This is not her first time stealing someone’s husband. Her first husband left her because he found out what a psychotic controlling b1tch she is. She is a 42 year old woman using a 31 year old man to comfort her while she obsesses over her ex. Not just any man, a man she thinks she knows. A man who was struggling in his marriage with a woman he’d been with since high school, for 14 years whom he has two boys with. She prowled on him when her husband left her because he put up the act of being the perfect scout dad around certain people. But at home he wasn’t paying attention to his family, even after his wife cried to him about it multiple times. Once Dawn got wind that he was having marriage troubles after he and her were messaging constantly, she went for it. Knowing he was still married, knowing his wife vented to her about their issues and how they were going to counseling and she wanted nothing more than to work things out with her soulmate. She didn’t care, she stabbed her in the back and is proceeding to date a man 11 years younger. Telling him what he wants to hear and bashing his ex wife who that they were friends. The ex wife even watched her kids and spoke to her as a friend, trusted her. She pulled him from his family. All while she bashed her ex husband’s new wife, while she’s out doing the same things yet even worse. They say misery loves company, she’s still obsessing over her ex and using a good man for the time being, while he could be fixing his family. This woman claims to be a Christian and attend church weekly, claims to be a godly woman, yet is really evil and conniving.