This oompa loompa looking fat cow has broken up marriages. She plays the victim and wins empathy and then starts asking for money. When it comes time to pay the debt back, she systematically starts trying to tear the couple apart with lies and manipulation. Her goal is to sleep with the man so that she does not have to pay the loan back. Also, if she is jealous of another woman’s life she tries to pry her way in so she can take what you have. Luckily, we figured this stinky breath, lying, manipulating bed hopper out before the damage was irreversible. She almost had him leaving me for her. She threw herself at him and left hickeys knowing he was with me. She wanted to cause problems. And of course it did. But, after weeks of him begging for forgiveness… he didn’t sleep with the skank…. I gave him another chance and he told her to kick rocks. She begged for more money, sent him texts “I’m in trouble” again trying to play the damsel in distress.

She is on her third DWI and should be going to jail soon. As I was talking to mutual friends… I say friends but most people don’t like her. I found out she has done this many times to other people and besides being a homewrecker is just an all around tramp. So since she will be on probation for 10 years after she gets out of jail, we will file a small claims suit against her and she will be forced to return the $700+ dollars she owes us or she will be in violation of a court order and probation and wind up back int he hoosegow.