Here is an almost 40yr old woman, with no kids and never been married that typically goes for older, RICH men…….well her last one was sent to prison so she dipped her foot Into the married men section…….this one particular married man also makes a nice living and i guess she thought that since he wasnt old and wrinkly like the last, that she would give it a whirl. Little did she know, the wife was smarter than her and made things very difficult. She will deal with difficult for a while, and does her best to present herself as wealthy too, but……..she is not. She is just looking for the next man to pay her bills and buy her things. She tried to get the last married man to ditch his family and move in with her, within 6wks of their affair. When that didnt work, she got super clingy and obsessive…..even went as far as to make up lies about the wife. Husband then dumped her………SMH. She is still scum and presents as slutty at first sight.