Where to start with this pudgy little princess… Dina is the most spoiled, self-absorbed, narcissist I have ever met. She constantly puts other women down to make herself feel better. Dina honestly believes she is better than every other female in Edmonton. At first Dina was tolerable until her true colours started to show. When her ex boyfriend cheated on her threw herself a pity party and I will say no one deserves to be cheated on but actually Dina maybe you did… you act like you are the hottest thing to walk the planet please stop editing your pics and your overweight body and stop giving social media the illusion that you look like the model you constantly compare yourself to… Lol. I have seen you in real life at Midway with your rolls falling over your skirts and your pudgy stomach and thighs falling out. The blurring apps on your rolls are getting old it’s obvious in your pics and trust me you can see it in real life. You live off social media trying to post pictures of your healthy meals when in person it looks like you eat McDonnalds at least once a day, just stop honestly. She also claims all the “hate” she gets are from her ex’s new gf lol Dina this is not Lee and seeing first hand how you bash not only her but other women is crazy. Jealousy is not a good look, you just look very insecure constantly posting about how Lee is so ugly and you’re so much better than her and how your ex downgraded. You really need to come back down to reality without filters you are nothing, you tried to post that picture “sorry don’t look that different without makeup” not like no one noticed the lip fillers and how that picture too was edited… I have seen you you are just a chubby over entitled princess. Please gain a sense of self awareness and stop belittling other women you are threatened by, you are not living in reality.