This piece of sh1t calls himself a father and a husband yet he still goes into massage every time he passes through Edmonton talks a bunch of s*** about his baby mama and his wife his daughter’s mother who he thinks still works in the massage studios even though he told me that he met her there what a horrible person she is even though I know this girl and she’s nowhere near half as bad as he makes her out to be…. He’s been married 3 * cheated on all his wives including the one he’s married to now!!! I’ve talked to his baby mama and what a joke this guy is he’s the biggest John but tries to stick it to his baby mama every chance he gets has nothing to do with his oldest son his oldest son hates his f****** guts!!!! This piece of s*** makes enough money that he can support his family but he still goes after his kids mothers to get money from them just because they married other people he’s so bitter that he will do anything and everything to cause these women damage… I’ve had enough of seeing this goof!someone needs to put him in his place and let his wife know what a piece of f****** s*** he really is…. Clearly he does not think about his children’s futures despite his actions and the way he acts obviously the kids he does have hate him because of the way he acts.his mother should have loved him a little more maybe he wouldn’t be a spiteful little b****!!! All I ever hear about is how much he hates his wife his daughter’s mother and his parents….. Maybe if you weren’t such a f****** b**** a55 punk you would get further in life.