If you see this psycho RUN! Desmond or Desy Is a wanna be pimp\gangster who is stuck in the 80’s. He Is a smooth talker. He has a sexy voice and knows what to say to get a women somewhat interested then will throw promises, gifts money at you to make you feel like a queen. Once he’s got you he then let’s you know about his 10 children with 10 different women. He has nothing to do with them but it is always the women’s fault not his. You know he is just trying to love them but these b1tches prevent him from seeing them bahahaha. He is a dead beat scum bag. He will start accusing you of cheating so he can go do his thing and then the possessiveness comes in. To avoid confrontation you try to do everything right but he will still accuse you. He’ll pick numerous fights start hitting you breaking your stuff and then tell you he didn’t want to do it but he just loves you so much! He is the only one who will love you despite the cheating (that you have never done). Then he will force himself on you. At some point he will pin you down on your stomach and take you from behind. You can’t see what’s going on and that how he wants it. The more you struggle to stop it the more he gets off. He is now spreading his drd. Now you have drds. You didn’t see that he was infected because he had you face down now he uses that against you. See you must have been sleeping around to get that! Well no one will have you now but I guess I will! I’m the only one who will love you despite that. This is his game. And the abuse and frankly race will not stop until you escape He is a sick bastard with no respect for women. You see this fool out and about run the other way