so my friend met this woman on a dating app and they began striking up a connection. she seemed completely normal and he was excited to tell me about her. well im warning you now fellas, stay far far far away from this psychopath. she has a history of guys running away from her and now my friend can see why. Danielle (Dani) Lim is a complete abusive psycho who likes to throw furniture and beat on men when she doesnt get her way. they planned a date and hit it off. few days later he had her over to his house where they watched a movie and had drinks. things eventually lead to cuddling on his couch but she began to get extremely “handsy” and kept looking at him awkwardly for any sign of acceptance. he politely asked her to just relax and watch the movie, which then lead her to break down crying in front of him saying “this always happens. every guy i date does this” then ran outside to weep. he tried to calm her down as best as he could but she had ALOT to drink and began getting extremely angry. things escalated when they went back inside to the point she grabbed him by the neck. started slapping him. tried to kick him in the balls. threw a chair across his living room and attempted to smash his electronics. he tried to call 911 but she grabbed the phone from his hand and tried to smash that too. yelling things like “im going to ruin your life. im going to destroy your car. your house. your whole fuking life!!” he eventually called me to tell me the situation at which point i as ready to hop in my car to and come beat this chicks a55. eventually he was able to de-escalate the situation and got her in her car, drunk as a skunk she flew off doing about 160kmh all the way home even posting about it on her IG. the next day she actually has the audacity to try and apologize to my friend saying that is was the alcohol shes a good girl thats not the real her blah blah blah. when he obviously refused to give her another chance she resorted right back to name calling and threats. he has all the text messages saved so danielle heres a warning to you…you keep your psycho little ch*nk a55 away from my buddy and his place or otherwise i will be dealing with you. and im a big girl. i will literally break every bone in your body. dont believe me? we have your address. your name. your dating profiles. all the texts. this will not be a war youll win. understood? get some help. you really need it.