This sack of crap is a real winner. He fancies himself a “Progressive” and like the typical silky soy-boy, he attend marches and rallies to take everyone’s freedoms away to protect their feelings. He was convicted for punching a female reporter while attending a “woman’s march” then scurrying away like a pu55y into a crowd of triggered liberal women (yay feminism!). The hypocrisy is outstanding! This dood should be getting passed around by the prison basketball team with kool aid on his lips but thanks to Canada’s silky soft (in)justice system he got community service and gets to keep attending rallies and building guitars. This sack of crap is such a pu55y he went into hiding after twitter hounds trolled him, he cried the blues about people wanting to “beat him up”. He is a total bad ass with his pierced lip and hipster beard- but…. he only beats up women. What a pathetic loser.