I can’t believe this guy hasn’t been on here before. This is Dan/Danny Horta of Edmonton. He is a disgusting sleaze bag who will lie and manipulate any woman to sleep with him and think they are his gf, many at once! He does not discriminate; ugly, pretty, fat, desperate, hookers.. it’s all a game and conquest for him. He’ll have sex with you until he’s tired of you, then block you from everything and move on to the next group of victims. He’s a master manipulator and pathological liar. He has unprotected sex with anyone and everyone he possibly can, spreading lies and DRD’s (according to one girl who is claiming she got DRD from him, I hope the fuk not) with no care for anyone. If you see this guy (usually no profile pic) on dating sites, run, block, delete! Or, you can always learn the hard way like many other women. Give this guy the publicity and popularity he needs.