I was set up on a semi-blind date by a friend of mine that started working at the same place as Raul. He was living in Killeen, Tx at the time, while I was a single mom of 2 living in Addison, Tx (Dallas area). My friend sent me a pic of him and she gave him a pic of me. We talked for hours in the evening for a good month before we met in person. He came to Addison to take me out on our first date in August 2006. From then on we continued to talk and date. He specifically told me that he did not have a wife nor a gf (b/c I asked). He was the perfect gentleman. I was physically sick on Christmas Eve of 2006. He worked 12 hours that day, stopped at the grocery store to pick up crackers, ramen soup, water & coca cola for me..then drove the 3 hour drive to she care of me. I was too ill at the time so I watched as he helped my daughters decorate our tree. He brought them and I gifts (completely unexpected b/c it was such a short time for us).

Fast-forward to March 2007..we relocate to live with him as while we were dating, he bought a 4 bedroom home. Surprised us again.. Things are still going great..until..I was months pregnant with our son and I start to get women’s intuition! I remember him telling me that he had a friend named, Doris (but she was married). Just as I start getting nagging feelings, he sometimes wouldn’t answer his cell phone and when I’d call his work, they couldn’t locate him at the time! Then he started telling me that he was working late. Hmm..seemed to start picking arguments with me, less and less days that he’d come home for lunch. All through this, I’d ask him here and there if he’s cheating on me. Of course we all know his answer. He started acting as though his cell was glued to him, even while in the bathroom. On one particular evening he forgot it on his dresser while he was in the kitchen. At that moment as I was walking by, something told me to look at it! I found 1 pic of his junk. Now men just don’t take pics of their junk unless they are sending it to someone. He denied that of course. I let days go by but I just couldn’t shake the undeniable feeling that he was sleeping with someone.

Fast-forward to 2010 (2 months before our wedding), I’m not going to say how I exactly found the explosion of evidence..but I did. He was in fact sleeping with Doris, whom was married to her 2nd husband at the time and there was evidence that she had 2 other bf’s at that time. I found both of the bf’s and messaged them to inform them that she was married and sleeping with my husband and with both of them. Well..both of them dumped her and her husband divorced her. She started harassing me, calling and texting my cell. I changed my husband’s number and this psycho had the audacity to call me to ask me for his new number! That’s when I knew for sure that she was flip’n psycho and felt that our family could potentially be in danger!  So..that’s when I contacted our police department. An officer came out to our home and called the psycho from my cell and of course she answered. The officer informed her that if she contacted either of us any further, that she would be charged with harassment.

We ended up getting married in 2010. In 2011 we move to a different town (1 hour away), then Labor Day weekend 2013, I was at our local grocery store..getting into my car and who in the devil walks by..yep the psycho (and apparently her 3rd husband)!! I no longer shop there. She lives on the same street as our teen daughter’s friend. And..that’s not all..it’s a small world, her 3rd husband’s nephew is friends with my niece (went to school and graduated together) whom lives 4 hours away in far north Dallas. This psycho spent years praying he’d leave us for her..but he clearly knew she was a hoe! What gets me is he’s still living with the consequences and regrets of his actions as our children and I. But this whore knew of us from the beginning, yet she just kept on and kept on pursuing him! She was one desperate whore. P.S. She is 5 years older than my husband and she is 14 years older than me. She is now 50. And throughout these years, she’s been a grandma. Our youngest child is 6 years old (her grand kids are older)!