Nigel he goes by, the ” programmer” good with technology, too bad he was such a fuk up when it came down to real people in real life, he uses his knowledge to fuk everyone he meets. He catches feelings and then moves on to someone new and does the same thing. He’s a ussing manipulating bastard, uses all the words in his dictionary to sleep and eat out woman. Just found out he has NEVER left his girlfriend he has been with four years!! I feel so bad for her apparently she has his bastard kids too and is so clueless on what he is actually doing in Edmonton. Like duuuude don’t you ever run into any of the females when your with your family in public ? So pathetic. I hope you lose your family you obviously don’t fuking deserve them. not to mention he didn’t TELL ME he had drd passed it on to how many others. Also I’m waiting for my heroes test to come back you have no idea what you are doing to other woman and your wife sick sick man you are. Maybe instead of coding sh1t on every device to be the sneaky little cvnt you are, you can take that time and energy an go to the god damn doctor. He drives the tow service truck! Best Kingsway service trucker alright. Hahaha loser everyone be aware!! And let that poor gf of his know!